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Did you know about this 1 Loophole in Scotland?!

Historically there exist really only a handful of ways one can become a Lord or a Lady; you may be born into it, marry into it, or be nominated to the home of Lords in the UK by the Prime Minister and the Queen. Both features are certainly out of arrive for more importantly — but sometimes, there exists a little legal loophole in Scotland that makes it conceivable for anybody to headline themselves as a ‘Lord’ or a ‘Lady’.

This all fascinatingly hinges on the historic Scottish custom of referring to landowners as “Laird”, which happens to be the Scots for “Lord” (with the female equivalent being Lady). All you need is at least one square foot of land in Scotland itself; though of course, there are no restrictions on having more land. These small plots of land are referred to as souvenir plots, which have a long history in Scotland themselves. Through this loophole, anyone can buy a small plot of land in Scotland and refer to themselves as a Lord or a Lady!

McKenzie Titles offers Lordship and Ladyship title packs; each pack includes:

  • A small section of land in Scotland with a unique plot ID number
  • a personalized certificate with the titleholder’s name
  • unique plot number
scottish lord scotland
Title Of Nobility

The plots are located on a stretch of peaceful woodland made up of rowan and ash trees. In the spring and summer, white and purple flowers can be seen and provide a beautiful environment for the fauna. McKenzie Titles is committed to the preservation of the woodland; the land will remain in its natural state and a tree is planted for every order. One can even explore and get a feel for the absolute beauty by visiting some amazing places in Scotland.

Lordship and Ladyship title packs start at 1 square foot for only $39 and make the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.

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