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How To Become A Scottish Lord

scottish lord scotland

Have you ever wanted to become a Scottish lord, lady, or laird? Well, we’ll help you figure out how!

As you know, the title Lord is still used in modern English society. For example Followers of the hit show The Apprentice will know Lord Alan Sugar. A famous World War I recruitment poster that proclaimed, “Your Country Needs You” featured military leader Lord Horatio Kitchener. Lord Snowdon is a famous photographer who was once married to Princess Margaret. And the international ambassador of the Wedgwood ceramic company is the hereditary peer Lord Wedgwood.

These four famous lords hold a peerage and became a lord because of either:

1: He inherited their title: For example, the hereditary peer Lord Wedgwood became a lord on his father’s death when the title passed to him.

BUT there is a third way…

Though us, you simply buy a legal, professional “presumed title”.

How is this the real deal?

You may not have known or even believed it, but this third route might be the path for you to take. Here’s how easy it can be:

1. Purchasing is incredibly simple.

  •  Simply visit McKenzie Titles, enter the details of recipient, select whether you would like a digital, printed, or framed certificate & then check out! 

2. Your plot of land is legitimate. 

  •  You will receive a unique plot number that reflects your plot of land in Scotland. You are able to see the land on a map or even visit it should you be so inclined!
mckenzie titles lord
Aristocratic noble lords and ladies gathered together.

3. Yes, you can use your title in daily life,  

  •  Your new title can be reflected on many documents such as credit cards, plane tickets, hotel bookings & more! 

4. You’re helping to preserve and protect the woodland of Scotland.

  •  You are essentially helping preserve the woodland by owning a small portion of land.

All in all, we at McKenzie Titles have made obtaining a Scottish Title fun, easy, and best of all, affordable! 

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