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What Are Scottish Titles of Nobility?

scottish nobility title

Are you ready to understand what a title of nobility in Scotland is all about? Do you possibly want to become a Scottish lord or lady?

Well, historically, Nobility Titles were restricted to aristocrats & wealthy landowners who dominated the space. 

scotland noble title
Middle Ages Noble Lords

In Scotland, according to historical customs, all landowners may be referred to as Lairds, Lords, or Ladies. These various forms of Nobility Titles are extended to people currently in possession of land associated with the Anglo-Saxon system of manorialism. This system facilitated land owners to gain greater power politically and socially. 

Over hundreds of years, manorialism faded, however, the title of nobilities remains. 

Therefore, whether you are hoping to forge a connection to the Middle Ages, or Scottish land, or whether you have simply always wanted to become a noble – McKenzie Titles is for you!

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